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About US

DailySMS is a Bulk SMS solutions provider in Nigeria packed with great features specifically tailored to ensure constant and fast messaging, simple and flexible user experience, and powerful private data security for you.

DailySMS Nigeria is also a conceptual allusion geared towards creating seamless connections between enterprises and the people they service with the power of SMS.

We provide Bulk SMS solutions and help businesses

catch a breath of relief by handling their short mobile messaging communications with the market that is most indispensable to the growth of their businesses – their clients/customers.

We run with the knowledge that companies have goals and chief of which is: to maintain, grow, and service their clientele daily. That is why we are available round the clock to partner with such goals and help achieve success; we’re DailySMS!


When ideas are conceived, it takes an organised mind and disposition to hatch the intricacies and birth innovation. DailySMS is constantly seeking new solutions and ways of improving your experience with Bulk SMS Messaging. We’re always at work to improve and present you with innovative ideas about your content and how your business can grow better and faster. This we do ‘Daily’

Subsequently, we shall add new solutions/features; we shall empower you more and increase the level at which you have control with your brand using bulk SMS.


We shall, at all times, be professional in the delivery of services and ensure that you remain satisfied and happy. We shall always partner with, and support your businesses across all platforms on which you operate. You’re special to us and we value your partnership!